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Carbon Graphite



Carbon Content



25kg small bags into ton bags or ton bags


Good thermal and electrical conductivity, grey-black opaque solid


For mechanical seals, battery manufacturing, anti-corrosion products, carbon graphite electrodes, etc.

Carbon graphite can be used to produce refractory materials, conductive materials, wear-resistant materials, lubricants, high-temperature sealing materials, corrosion-resistant materials, thermal insulation materials, adsorption materials, friction materials and radiation protection materials, etc. These materials are widely used in electromechanical brush and seal etc.

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Know more about Carbon Graphite

Carbon graphite is an excellent lubricating material, especially its dispersion systems and composite materials have a wide range of application values in the fields of transportation power, manufacturing and high technology. So that carbon graphite products have excellent high temperature resistance, self-lubricating properties, low friction coefficient, wear resistance, chemical medium corrosion resistance and good thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient, adaptability to high and low temperature alternating performance and Physical and mechanical properties of materials.

Carbon graphite material can not only significantly improve the compressive strength, flexural strength and modulus of mechanical products, reduce the friction coefficient, but also greatly improve the friction and wear performance and impact strength of carbon graphite, which can meet the use of products under more complex working conditions.

Technical Parameters

Density 0.4(g/cm3)
Crystal size 0.01(mm)
Moisture content≤ 1(%)
Content≥ 80-99.99%
Mohs hardness 1.1
Scale size 0.01(mm)
Fixed carbon content 80-99.99%