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Petroleum Coke


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25 kg small bags into ton bags or ton bags


Low ash content and low boiler ash discharge, etc.


Depending on its quality, petroleum coke can be used in industries such as graphite, smelting and chemical industry, etc

Petroleum coke, as a byproduct of petroleum, is produced in the process of petroleum processing, that is, the crude oil is distilled to separate light and heavy oil, and the heavy oil is converted into petroleum coke by hot cracking. If petroleum coke can be obtained directly from petroleum processing, then the petroleum coke is raw coke or ordinary coke. Petroleum coke has irregular shape, dark gray or black, porous structure and metallic luster.

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Know more about Petroleum Coke

The carbon content of petroleum coke is very high, about 90%, mainly in the form of hydrocarbons. Other contents of petroleum coke, such as ash, moisture or volatile, are relatively low. Many petroleum cokes have high sulfur content, ranging from 2% to 5%. The calorific value of petroleum coke is very high, and its quality is very close to anthracite, so it can be used as fuel. Compared with other carbon raw materials, petroleum coke has more compact structure, higher degree of ordering and higher crystallinity, which can be said to be a carbon form of partial graphitization.

Petroleum coke is a large by-product produced in the process of petroleum refining. Most of the petroleum coke (about 75%) is sold as fuel for power generation and cement production, but higher quality petroleum coke is sold to the calcination industry. It is usually carried by bulk carriers by sea.

In order to solve the problems of low volatile content and poor reaction activity of petroleum coke and realize the efficient and clean utilization of petroleum coke, the paper studied the pulping and pulping properties and reaction activity of petroleum coke from petroleum coke produced by a petrochemical enterprise in Nanjing and Shaanxi Province. The results show that the mass fraction of gasification, fuel and superfine water coke slurry are 70% ~ 71%, 68% ~69% and 67% ~ 68% respectively, and their viscosity, fluidity and stability can meet the requirements of application; The influence of superfine and combustion aids on the reaction activity of water coke slurry was analyzed by thermogravimetry. The results showed that the superfine refining can significantly reduce the initial and burning temperature of volatile matter, and the addition of combustion aids can improve the ignition temperature and burning temperature of superfine water coke slurry.