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About Graphite

Graphite is an important non-metallic raw material. Because of the special properties of graphite, it has been widely used in refractory materials foundry coatings, friction sealing materials, battery industry and other fields. We believe that with the development of industry and the advancement of technology the graphite market even larger and the scope of application will be broader. Our Franli high-purity graphite powder, ultra-fine graphite powder, and expandable graphite are the best in graphite, and the quality of graphite has been unanimously recognized by enterprise users.


Video of Graphite

Graphite is divided into several types, including amorphous graphite, artificial graphite, carbon graphite, expandable graphite, flake graphite, etc. Graphite has many good physical and chemical properties and has gradually become popular in many industries in recent years. Graphite has stable chemical properties, corrosion resistance, and does not easily react with acids, alkalis, and other chemicals, and is suitable for use in a variety of industrial production links.


Amorphous Graphite

It is an aggregate of amorphous graphite. The crystal form can be seen only under the electron microscope. Amorphous graphite ore is gray black and steel gray, generally dull, with dense massive, earthy, layered, and lamellar structures. This kind of graphite lacks luster, its lubricity is lower than that of flake graphite, and its selectivity is poor.

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Artificial Graphite

There are many kinds of artificial graphite and different production processes. In a broad sense, all graphite materials obtained by carbonization of organic matters and treated by high temperature after being treated with graphite can be collectively referred to as artificial graphite.In the narrow sense, artificial graphite usually refers to the massive solid materials prepared by batching.

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Carbon Graphite

Carbon graphite can be used to produce refractory materials, conductive materials, wear-resistant materials, lubricants, high-temperature sealing materials, corrosion-resistant materials, thermal insulation materials, adsorption materials, friction materials and radiation protection materials, etc. These materials are widely used in electromechanical brush and seal etc.

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Expandable Graphite

Expandable graphite crystal is a typical layered carbon material. Other heterogeneous particles such as atoms, molecules, ions, and even atomic clusters are inserted into the interlayer of crystalline graphite by physical or chemical methods to form a new layered compound, which is called graphite interlayer compound, namely expandable graphite.

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Flake Graphite

Natural flake graphite has superior physical and chemical properties and is widely used in metallurgy, coatings and refractory industries. It is an important non-metallic raw material that is indispensable for today’s high-tech. Flake graphite is divided into large flake graphite and fine flake graphite according to the size of its scales.

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Graphene, as the thinnest, toughest and best conductive nano material found at present. It is a two-dimensional crystal composed of carbon atoms stripped from graphite material with only one layer of atom thickness. Known as “black gold”, it is “the king of new materials”.

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Graphite nanoplatelets

GN(Graphite Nanoplatelets) has excellent properties, such as mechanical properties, lubrication properties and electrical conductivity. It has large diameter thickness ratio, small size and nano thickness, so it is easy to form a good composite with polymer materials.

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Graphite Powder

Graphite powder is a widely used industrial material, which is obtained from high-purity graphite after crushing, grinding, and screening. The classification of graphite powder is mainly based on the particle size, ranging from 50 mesh to 30000 mesh. The larger the mesh, the finer the particle size, and the higher the price.

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Petroleum Coke

Petroleum coke, as a byproduct of petroleum, is produced in the process of petroleum processing, that is, the crude oil is distilled to separate light and heavy oil, and the heavy oil is converted into petroleum coke by hot cracking. If petroleum coke can be obtained directly from petroleum processing, then the petroleum coke is raw coke or ordinary coke. Petroleum coke has irregular shape, dark gray or black, porous structure and metallic luster.

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Purity Graphite

High purity graphite is also called molded graphite, which means that the carbon content of graphite is more than 99.99%, which has good electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, low resistance coefficient, corrosion resistance, high purity, self lubrication, thermal shock resistance, isotropy, easy to be machined and so on.

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Synthetic Graphite

Synthetic graphite sheet, also known as artificial graphite sheet, is a brand-new heat dissipation material. Using advanced carbonization and graphitization technology, thermal conductive films with unique lattice orientation are fabricated by high-temperature sintering at 3000 ℃.

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