Franli’s amorphous graphite

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Amorphous Graphite




45μm, 75μm, 150μm, etc


25kg small bags into ton bags or ton bags




Under high temperature conditions, it has special oxidation resistance, etc


Casting coatings, oil field drilling, battery carbon rods, steel, casting materials, refractories, dyes

It is an aggregate of amorphous graphite. The crystal form can be seen only under the electron microscope. Amorphous graphite ore is gray black and steel gray, generally dull, with dense massive, earthy, layered, and lamellar structures. This kind of graphite lacks luster, its lubricity is lower than that of flake graphite, and its selectivity is poor. However, the grade is high, the carbon content is generally 60% ~ 80%, a few are up to more than 90%, the ash content is 15% ~ 22%, the volatile content is 1% ~ 2%, and the moisture content is 2% ~ 7%.

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Natural amorphous graphite crystal is small, and each graphite particle is disorderly stacked by many microcrystalline, showing isotropy. It has important potential application value in the fields of cathode materials for lithium-ion power batteries. In recent years, the strategic position of natural amorphous graphite has been increasing and has become a hot spot in scientific research, industry, and finance.

Amorphous graphite

China is rich in natural amorphous graphite resources. Its reserves, output, and export volume rank first in the world, with high grade and good quality, which directly affects the international price of amorphous graphite. However, for a long time, there has been little research on amorphous graphite at home and abroad, resulting in the backward level of industrial technology, mainly raw ore and primary processed products, with low added value, resulting in the waste of a large number of valuable natural amorphous graphite resources. In recent years, with the attention of national management departments and relevant industries, the strategic position of natural amorphous graphite has been increasing, and it has become the frontier of scientific and technological research and the investment hotspot of industry and finance.

Amorphous graphite

Franli is located in Pingdu City, Qingdao, Shandong Province, with superior geography and is very close to Qingdao port. Our raw materials are from Lutang, Chenzhou. 90% of the country’s high-quality earthy graphite is produced in Lutang, Chenzhou, which is rich in resources. Lutang graphite has deep metamorphism and belongs to high-quality amorphous graphite. Most of it is graphite carbon, and fine-grained flakes account for more than 25.5. The color is rigid gray, metallic luster, soft, Mo color, hardness 1-2, specific gravity 2-2.24, stable chemical properties, not affected by strong acid and alkali, less harmful impurities, low content of iron, sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, molybdenum, and hydrogen, high-temperature resistance, heat transfer, conductivity, lubrication, and plasticity. It is widely used in casting, molding, batteries, carbon products, pencils, and pigments, refractories, smelting, carburizing agents, protective slag, etc. Franli produces high-quality, medium carbon ultra-fine graphite powder, ordinary high, medium, and low carbon graphite powder and sand, as well as graphite balls, carburizing agents, earthy graphite balls, graphite particles, and other products.

Amorphous graphite can be applied in all walks of life with great potential, and franli’s graphite has been highly praised in all industries. If you are interested, you can contact us.