Artificial graphite with multiple potential capabilities

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Artificial Graphite


0.01mm or 0.07mm,etc


25 kg small bags into ton bags or ton bags


Good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, etc.


Can be used in making heat exchanger, reaction tank, absorption tower, etc.

There are many kinds of artificial graphite and different production processes. In a broad sense, all graphite materials obtained by carbonization of organic matters and treated by high temperature after being treated with graphite can be collectively referred to as artificial graphite.In the narrow sense, artificial graphite usually refers to the massive solid materials prepared by batching.

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    Artificial graphite has various forms, including powder, fiber, and block, while artificial graphite in the narrow sense is usually block, which needs to be processed into a certain shape when used. Compared with natural graphite, artificial graphite has weaker heat transfer, electrical conductivity, lubricity and plasticity, but artificial graphite also has better wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low permeability than natural graphite. The artificial graphite produced by the Franli factory is widely used in various industries, replacing metal raw materials on a large scale.

    artificial graphite

    Multipurpose artificial graphite

    Artificial graphite can be used in versatile functions according to its characteristics.

    (1) Special graphite: with good quality petroleum coke, coal tar pitch or synthetic resin as the binder, generally including isostatic graphite, nuclear graphite, high-purity graphite, etc. It is used in aerospace, electronics and nuclear industries.​​

    (2) Bearings and closed rings: The equipment for conveying corrosive media widely uses piston rings, sealing rings and bearings made of artificial graphite, and there is no need to add lubricating oil during operation.

    (3) Graphite electrode: a graphite electrode made by machining with petroleum coke and needle coke as raw materials and coal tar pitch as a binder.Artificial graphite releases electric energy in the electric arc furnace to heat and melt the charge, and is widely used in electric furnace steel, industrial silicon, yellow phosphorus and other equipment.

    (4) Heat exchanger and filter: Artificial graphite has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and low permeability. It is widely used in the chemical industry to manufacture heat exchangers, reaction tanks, absorption towers, filters and other equipment.

    (5) Prebaked anode: It is made of petroleum coke as raw material and coal tar pitch as binder, which is calcined, batched, kneaded, pressed, roasted, impregnated, added with graphite and mechanically processed. It is generally used as a conductive anode for electrolytic aluminum equipment.

    (6) Graphite recarburizer: Graphite recarburizer has the purpose of improving the metallographic structure of the casting, which can quickly generate a graphite core in cast iron, and also shorten the carbonization time and improve the effect of carbonization.

    Artificial graphite

    Artificial graphite recarburizer

    The main raw material for the manufacture of artificial graphite is powdered high-quality calcined petroleum coke, in which asphalt is added as a binder and a small amount of other auxiliary materials are added. After matching various raw materials, it is pressed and formed, and then processed in a non-oxidizing atmosphere at 2500-3000 ° C to make it graphitized. After high temperature treatment, the content of ash, sulfur and gas is greatly reduced. Commonly used artificial graphite recarburizers mostly use recycled materials such as chips, waste electrodes and graphite blocks when manufacturing graphite electrodes in foundries to reduce costs. When smelting ductile iron, in order to make the metallurgical quality of the cast iron superior, the recarburizer should be artificial graphite, and the best quality is artificial graphite.

    Artificial graphite anode material

    Among the four major materials for lithium batteries, the anode material technology is the most mature, and the graphite-based anode material is the current mainstream. The artificial graphite negative electrode material is processed through the processes of pulverization, spheroidization, classification, purification, and surface treatment, and its high crystallinity is artificially formed. Due to the high surface active points of artificial graphite, it cannot be used directly as a negative electrode material, and surface modification treatment is required. The artificial graphite anode material is made by calcining petroleum coke, needle coke, pitch coke, etc. at a certain temperature, and then pulverizing, classifying, and graphitizing at high temperature. Its high crystallinity is formed by graphitization at high temperature.

    The graphitization furnace used in the production of artificial graphite at the Franli plant is the Acheson graphitization furnace. At present, the supply of medium and high-end anode materials is seriously insufficient, especially the medium and high-end artificial graphite anode materials. In order to meet the market demand of downstream mid-to-high-end power lithium batteries, and to keep up with the capacity expansion of upstream and downstream leading power lithium battery manufacturers, mainstream anode material manufacturers have expanded their production capacity one after another.

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