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Artificial Graphite


0.01mm or 0.07mm,etc


25 kg small bags into ton bags or ton bags


Good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, etc.


Can be used in making heat exchanger, reaction tank, absorption tower, etc.

There are many kinds of artificial graphite and different production processes. In a broad sense, all graphite materials obtained by carbonization of organic matters and treated by high temperature after being treated with graphite can be collectively referred to as artificial graphite.In the narrow sense, artificial graphite usually refers to the massive solid materials prepared by batching.

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    Spherical artificial graphite has a unique onion-type structure, high magnification, good circulation performance, good dispersion performance, suitable for waterborne and oil-based systems, small expansion, high safety, but also because of many reasons will also lead to an increase in the price of artificial graphite. Artificial graphite is suitable for various fields, mainly used by the electronics industry and metal manufacturing industry. Because artificial graphite has the advantages of high electronic conductivity, high specific capacity, stable structure and low cost, it has become the most widely used and most mature anode material at present, and is the absolute mainstream route of the anode industry.

    artificial graphite

    The reason for the high price of artificial graphite

    There are some reasons affecting the price of artificial graphite.

    (1) The difficulty of production and transportation: involving the region, transportation distance, installation difficulty, material quality, processing quality, production type difficulty, production cycle, production required manpower, production material loss, production quantity, these are the most core to determine the value of artificial stone. The processing process is also more complicated, first of all, the ink dry concentrate is coarsely crushed, trimmed, magnetic separation and other processes to form the initial product artificial graphite, and then enter the purification workshop after high temperature purification to become spherical artificial graphite.

    (2) Important materials in the electronics industry: artificial graphite materials have good conductivity, high crystallinity, low cost, high theoretical lithium capacity, low charge and discharge potential and flat, etc., which are important parts of the anode material for lithium-ion batteries and are replacement products for anode materials for lithium-ion battery production at home and abroad. It has excellent conductivity and chemical stability, high charge and discharge capacity, long cycle life, and green environmental protection.

    (3) Excellent performance: The price of artificial graphite is formulated according to the use in different fields, for example, in the metallurgical industry, natural flake graphite can be used to produce refractory materials such as magnesium carbon bricks and aluminum carbon bricks due to good oxidation resistance.

    Artificial graphite

    Artificial graphite‘s functions

    Artificial graphite can be used to realize the functions of anti-corrosion and conductivity.

    (1) Artificial graphite has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and low permeability, and is widely used in the chemical industry to make heat exchangers, reaction tanks, absorption towers, filters and other equipment.

    (2) Spherical graphite materials have good conductivity, high crystallinity, low cost, high basic theory embedded lithium capacity, low charge and discharge potential and flat, long cycle life, low carbon environmental protection and other characteristics, as a key part of the lithium-ion battery anode material, is a replacement product for anode materials for lithium-ion battery manufacturing at home and abroad.

    Franli factory survey found that spherical artificial graphite has promoted the development of the industrial chain, in scientific and technological innovation, modern finance, human resources have developed, in the battery field artificial graphite has better performance than natural graphite, promote the spherical artificial graphite industry to the middle and high-end. Franli factory mass production of spherical artificial graphite, which has many excellent performance,

    Franli factory attaches great importance to the quality management of graphite products, with dedicated quality inspectors. As the market grows, so does the demand for spherical ray-based graphite products, and our factory can provide high-quality and affordable artificial graphite.