Effective material for mechanical anticorrosion – carbon graphite

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Carbon Graphite



Carbon Content



25kg small bags into ton bags or ton bags


Good thermal and electrical conductivity, grey-black opaque solid


For mechanical seals, battery manufacturing, anti-corrosion products, carbon graphite electrodes, etc.

Carbon graphite can be used to produce refractory materials, conductive materials, wear-resistant materials, lubricants, high-temperature sealing materials, corrosion-resistant materials, thermal insulation materials, adsorption materials, friction materials and radiation protection materials, etc. These materials are widely used in electromechanical brush and seal etc.

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    Carbon graphite is a non-metallic material with a phosphorus flake structure and has high chemical stability. In order to avoid the corrosion of equipment by strong corrosive media, it has excellent corrosion resistance. In addition to being resistant to strong oxidizing media, it can also resist any Corrosion of concentrated acid, alkali and salt solutions. Carbon graphite also has high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, so it is especially suitable for anti-corrosion coatings that require temperature resistance, thermal conductivity, and electrical conductivity.

    Carbon Graphite

    According to Franli’s investigation and research, the direct loss and indirect loss caused by corrosion of equipment in my country’s chemical industry every year. In many other fields such as machinery, chemical industry, national defense, medicine, etc., due to the strong corrosiveness of the medium, the equipment is required to be able to prevent corrosion and have good heat transfer performance. If the selection of anti-corrosion materials is wrong, equipment damage will be caused, which will cause great losses to the enterprise. How to choose good anti-corrosion materials is the key to ensure normal production.

    Advantages of carbon graphite

    1.Excellent corrosion resistance: Carbon graphite have excellent corrosion resistance to all concentrations of hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and hydrofluoric acid, including fluorine-containing media, and the highest application temperature is 350℃-400℃, that is, carbon graphite The temperature at which oxidation begins.

    2.High temperature resistance: The use temperature of carbon graphite depends on the type of impregnating material. For example, phenolic impregnated carbon graphite can withstand 170-200 °C. If an appropriate amount of silicone resin is added to impregnate carbon graphite, it can withstand up to 350 °C; When deposited on carbon graphite, the oxidation resistance of carbon graphite can be improved, and the actual operating temperature can be further increased.

    3.Excellent thermal conductivity: It is the only non-metallic material whose thermal conductivity is higher than that of metal, ranking first among non-metallic materials. The thermal conductivity is 2 times that of carbon steel and 7 times that of stainless steel. Therefore, it is suitable for use in heat transfer equipment.

    4.The surface is not easy to structure: the contact friction between carbon graphite and most media is extremely small, so the dirt is not easy to adhere to the surface. Especially used in condensation equipment and crystallization equipment.

    Carbon Graphite

    The ability of carbon graphite to prevent corrosion

    Equipment corrosion is a critical issue. Corrosion not only affects the quality of products, but also affects the service life of equipment, the consumption of metal materials and other aspects. Therefore, the Franli factory studies the use of carbon graphite to reduce corrosion. Due to the limitations of the metal material itself, such as serious corrosion, serious pipe blockage, high cost, and poor heat exchange efficiency, carbon graphite material is the only one with thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. The non-metallic materials that are very good have become the key selection objects. After years of research and application in the Franli factory, they have become mature products and are widely used in the mechanical anti-corrosion industry, making the machine run stably for a long time, saving equipment investment and reducing production. cost.

    The amount of carbon and graphite is an important factor. If the amount is too much, it will affect the mechanical properties, and the anti-corrosion performance will also be reduced. It acts as a booster for electrochemical corrosion. Therefore, the dosage needs to reach a certain value in order to have a better shielding effect, and the particle size of carbon graphite affects the shielding performance of the mechanical coating.

    The anti-corrosion process of carbon graphite has been gradually applied in the industrial machinery industry, chemical process industry, medical ind0ustry, aerospace machinery industry and so on.

    At present, the main machinery used are: steel-lined graphite reactor, graphite heat exchanger, steel-lined graphite reaction tank, concentration tank, graphite condenser, reaction tower, prilling tower and other high-temperature reaction equipment. With the continuous development of my country’s industry, the use of carbon graphite will continue to extend to other new fields. Thereby reducing equipment investment and maintenance costs, can effectively improve production efficiency and profits.