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Expandable Graphite




0.50mm or 0.106mm, etc


25 kg small bags into ton bags




Preservative/Electrical and thermal conductivity, etc.


Fireproof sealing element, flame retardant, refractory brick, etc.

Expandable graphite crystal is a typical layered carbon material. Other heterogeneous particles such as atoms, molecules, ions, and even atomic clusters are inserted into the interlayer of crystalline graphite by physical or chemical methods to form a new layered compound, which is called graphite interlayer compound, namely expandable graphite.

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    The Franli factory uses natural phosphorus flake graphite to prepare flame retardant expandable graphite, which is an ideal flame retardant material through an oxidation process to generate expandable graphite. Expansion ratio, good dispersibility and better particle size distribution. Expandable graphite still maintains the properties of natural graphite, and has good molding plasticity, flexibility and ductility and sealing, and is also an ideal new sealing material and high-quality raw material for various graphite sheets.

    Expandable Graphite

    Expandable graphite Refractory Applications

    (1) Fireproof sealing strip: ① Expandable graphite is mixed with rubber materials, inorganic flame retardants (aluminum hydroxide), accelerators, vulcanizing agents, reinforcing agents, etc., and molded into various specifications of expansion sealing strips . Mainly used in fire doors, fire glass windows and other occasions. This sealing strip has the function of blocking the flow of smoke throughout the fire. ② The expandable graphite is bonded together with glass fiber as a carrier, which is mainly used in the manufacture of fire doors.

    (2) Fireproof bag, fireproof blocking material, fireproof ring: Because expandable graphite has a high expansion rate under high temperature conditions, it can be used for fireproof blocking in buildings. Such as sealing building pipelines to prevent the spread of fire when cables and gas pipelines catch fire.

    (3) Fireproof board: Due to the small density of expandable graphite and stable crystal, it can increase the fireproof performance of the board, reduce the density of the board, and enhance the thermal insulation performance. Small-sized natural flake graphite particles can be directly pressed into plates as the initial raw material. When a fire occurs, the fine-grained graphite can expand to form a relatively dense fire barrier layer.

    (4) Flame retardant coatings: In recent years, expandable graphite is trying to be used in flame retardant coatings, which can endow coatings with excellent thermal expansion. It can be used for fiberboard and wood board. It can rapidly expand to form a light carbon layer in a fire, which can effectively protect the base material from fire.

    (5) Flame retardant plastics: Expandable graphite in plastics utilizes the expandability and thermal insulation properties of expandable graphite. The expansion of the graphite flakes dispersed in the polyurethane foam prevents combustion, dampens the fire, and also acts as a thermal insulator.

    Types of expandable graphite

    (1) Low initial expansion temperature, low temperature expandable graphite: The temperature at which expandable graphite begins to expand is 80-150 °C, and the expansion volume reaches 250ml/g at 600 °C.

    (2) Expandable graphite with high initial expansion temperature: the initial expansion temperature is 290-300°C, and the expansion volume is ≥230ml/g. This type of expanded graphite is mainly used for flame retardancy of engineering plastics and rubber.

    (3) Small particle expanded graphite: mainly refers to 300 mesh expandable graphite, its expansion volume is 100ml/g, this product is mainly used for flame retardant coatings, and its demand is large.

    (4) Medical field: Because expandable graphite has excellent adsorption properties, it has a wide range of uses in environmental protection and biomedicine. Due to the adsorption properties of organic and biological macromolecules, expandable graphite has broad application prospects in biomedical materials.

    The expandable graphite produced by the Franli factory is widely used in flame retardant materials, it maintains the excellent physical and chemical properties of graphite, and many excellent properties such as: corrosion resistance, neutron flux, X-ray and gamma rays long-term irradiation. It can also be used as a fuel cell material by the battery industry, which can enhance the conductivity of electrodes and electrolytes, provide good molding properties, inhibit the dissolution and deformation of the anode, and prolong the service life of the battery.

    Anyone in need of high-quality expandable graphite can contact us, we will provide high-quality products and affordable prices.