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Flake Graphite





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thermal shock resistance, lubricity, conductivity and plasticity…


Lead battery plates positive and negative conductive agent, lithium batteries nickel hydrogen etc

Natural flake graphite has superior physical and chemical properties and is widely used in metallurgy, coatings and refractory industries. It is an important non-metallic raw material that is indispensable for today’s high-tech. Flake graphite is divided into large flake graphite and fine flake graphite according to the size of its scales. Usually, large flakes refer to +32 mesh, +50 mesh, +80 mesh, and +100 mesh flake graphite.

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    Flake graphite is a non-metallic mineral with complete crystallization, thin flakes and good toughness, excellent physical and chemical properties, and has unique physical and chemical properties such as high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and strong electrical conductivity.

    The conductivity of flake graphite is 100 times higher than that of ordinary non-metallic minerals, and it is a conductive material with a very wide range of applications. Among them, lithium-ion batteries use the conductivity of flake graphite powder to work.

    Flake Graphite
    Flake Graphite

    Important role of flake graphite in lithium ion battery

    Among lithium-ion battery materials, the anode material is the key to determine the performance of the battery. As a highly crystalline graphite material, the particle size of flake graphite directly affects the specific surface area of ​​the electrode and the proportion of edge carbon atoms, which has a great impact on the irreversible specific capacity at the first charge, so flake graphite plays an important role in the battery. to a vital role.

    1. Flake graphite has many advantages such as high electronic conductivity, large lithium ion diffusion coefficient, high intercalation capacity and low intercalation potential, so flake graphite is one of the most important materials for lithium batteries.

    2. Flake graphite can stabilize the voltage of the lithium battery, reduce the internal resistance of the lithium battery, and make the power storage time of the battery longer. Increase battery utilization time.

    3. Flake graphite can reduce the amount of flake graphite powder in lithium batteries, greatly reducing battery costs.

    To sum up, for lithium-ion batteries, flake graphite can not only prolong the battery life, promote stable voltage, enhance conductivity, but also reduce battery cost.

    Flake Graphite
    Flake Graphite

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