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Flake Graphite





Carbon Content



25kg small bags into ton bags




thermal shock resistance, lubricity, conductivity and plasticity…


Lead battery plates positive and negative conductive agent, lithium batteries nickel hydrogen etc

Natural flake graphite has superior physical and chemical properties and is widely used in metallurgy, coatings and refractory industries. It is an important non-metallic raw material that is indispensable for today’s high-tech. Flake graphite is divided into large flake graphite and fine flake graphite according to the size of its scales. Usually, large flakes refer to +32 mesh, +50 mesh, +80 mesh, and +100 mesh flake graphite.

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    What is flake graphite? It is a form of graphite that has a flaky or platy structure and is characterized by its high purity, high crystallinity, and good electrical and thermal conductivity. Flake graphite is used as a filler and reinforcing agent in coatings and paints to improve their properties, such as lubrication, corrosion resistance, conductivity, and durability.

    Flake graphite’s application for coating

    Flake graphite is mainly used as a functional filler in coatings for conductive coatings, anti-corrosion coatings and fire-resistant coatings. It is one of the indispensable raw materials for paint production.

    1. The application of flake graphite as conductive coating.
    Graphite flakes can be directly used as carbon-based conductive fillers and can also be made into composite conductive fillers for conductive coatings. However, due to the large amount of flake graphite added, the performance of the coating will become brittle and its application will be limited. Therefore, measures should be taken to further improve the conductivity of graphite and effectively reduce the amount of flake graphite added.

    2. The application of flake graphite as anti-corrosion coating.
    The antirust primer made of flake graphite, carbon black, talcum powder and oil has good chemical and solvent corrosion resistance; if zinc yellow and other chemical pigments are added to the formula, the antirust effect will be better.

    3. The use of flake graphite as a fireproof coating is mainly realized after being processed into expandable graphite.
    Expandable graphite is a graphite interlayer compound obtained by chemical or electrochemical treatment of flake graphite as raw material. Under the condition of heating, expandable graphite expands rapidly (up to 300 times) to suffocate the flame, and at the same time generates expansion, which can isolate the flame, delay or interrupt the spread of the flame, and it is non-combustible, with good flexibility and carbonized layer strength. Good, but the volume and dosage of the expander should be selected appropriately.

    Other industrial applications | Flake graphite

    Another important application of flake graphite in coatings is as a pigment, particularly in dark or black coatings. It provides a deep black color due to its high light absorption and low reflectivity. It also enhances the opacity and hiding power of the coating, making it more efficient at covering surfaces.

    In addition to coatings, it is used in a wide range of other industrial applications, including lubricants, refractory materials, batteries, and electronics. Its unique properties make it a valuable material for various high-tech products, such as fuel cells and graphene-based coatings.

    Overall, flake graphite is an essential raw material in the production of coatings, providing numerous benefits to improve the performance and appearance of finished products.

    In summary, flake graphite is a versatile material that is widely used in various industries, including coatings and lubricants. Its unique properties make it an ideal choice for high-temperature and high-performance applications.