Graphite in the coatings industry – graphene

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1-2nm thick x 0.5-5microns wide


According to customer requirements


High strength, high electrical conductivity, etc.


Can be used as filler(between 0.01% and 5%).

Graphene, as the thinnest, toughest and best conductive nano material found at present. It is a two-dimensional crystal composed of carbon atoms stripped from graphite material with only one layer of atom thickness. Known as “black gold”, it is “the king of new materials”. Scientists even predicted that graphene “will completely change the 21st century”.

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    Graphene has a wide range of applications, and coatings are an important part of many applications of graphene. With a variety of superior properties, graphene has far-reaching application prospects in conductive coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, flame retardant coatings, thermal conductive coatings and high-strength coatings. Graphene is the smallest and strongest type of nanomaterial. Due to the low absorbance of only 2.3%, the appearance is almost completely transparent. It has excellent physical properties, higher thermal conductivity than carbon nanotubes and diamonds, and is currently the most conductive material in the world.


    Graphene electrostatic spray primer

    The coating of automotive plastic parts generally adopts conventional air spraying method. This painting industry uses spray guns as tools and compressed air as a carrier for production. In the production process, a large number of coatings are dispersed into the air in the form of atomization, which is not only expensive, but also causes serious air pollution. For this reason, automotive and coating companies have been using graphene as a more economical and environmentally friendly new coating for automotive exterior coatings.

    After using graphene as a conductive agent, the problem of darkening the color of the primer caused by the conductive agent can be avoided, which is very beneficial to the improvement of automotive electrostatic spraying. The data shows that after adding 2% to 4% graphene, the primer coating value can fully meet the color requirements of automotive electrostatic spraying.

    Graphene electrostatic conductive coatings

    Another important application area of graphene in conductive coatings is electrostatic conductive coatings. This kind of coating can effectively prevent the occurrence of electrostatic conduction phenomenon, such as petroleum, chemical, railway, transportation and other industries oil storage tanks, oil pipelines, oil tankers and other oil storage, oil transmission equipment inside and outside, coal mine, aviation, textile, grain and other industry equipment usually use graphene coatings, effectively prevent fire, explosion and other situations. It can also avoid the problem of fire accidents caused by static electricity generated by charge accumulation. Graphene has both good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, so it has a good application effect in electrostatic conductive coatings.


    Graphene flame retardant coatings

    Why graphene is viewed as a retardant addictive? because the two-dimensional structure of graphene monomer is dispersed into the middle layer of the paint film to form a dense isolation layer, which can play a role in fire retardancy. If resin is added to the coating, graphene can also be cross-linked with resin molecules to further strengthen the isolation effect and strengthen the flame retardant effect. In addition, in addition to carbon dioxide and water, the products of graphene coating combustion will also leave a continuously distributed carbon layer in place, thereby improving the flame retardant effect again. For this reason, graphene also has a good application in flame retardant coatings.

    Graphene high thermal conductivity coating

    Graphene has an importance function on thermal conductivity. when adding graphene to coatings, it can significantly improve the thermal conductivity of coatings. Graphene specific surface area is very large, the paint film contains a certain amount of graphene, can make the paint film heat dissipation area greatly increased, help the paint film surface and internal heat dissipation, so that the internal and external temperature tends to be consistent, so in many harsh use environments usually use graphene coatings as the heat dissipation coating of components.

    Graphene has the advantages of large specific surface area, good electrical conductivity, strong chemical stability, excellent mechanical properties and thermal conductivity, and has received extensive attention from countries around the world once it came out. Franli plant is researching and improving the preparation method of graphene, reducing the cost of preparation, improving yield and quality under the premise of meeting environmental protection requirements, optimizing surface modification, making it not only environmentally friendly, but also able to control the reaction site as needed, while retaining some excellent properties of original graphene, and gradually forming a systematic coating system.