The use of graphite powder

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Graphite Powder


1≥60%, etc


25kg small bags into ton bags or ton bags


High temperature resistance, conductivity and thermal conductivity, etc.


As refractory material, conductive material and wear-resistant lubricating material, etc.

Graphite powder is a widely used industrial material, which is obtained from high-purity graphite after crushing, grinding, and screening. The classification of graphite powder is mainly based on the particle size, ranging from 50 mesh to 30000 mesh. The larger the mesh, the finer the particle size, and the higher the price.

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Graphite powder has many uses, and different types of graphite powder commonly used in different industrial production are different, such as the use of high purity graphite powder in battery production and manufacturing. Its characteristic advantages are as follows:

Graphite Powder

1, The carbon content of high purity graphite powder for batteries is above 99.9%, with excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, no deformation, good electrical conductivity.

2, The selection of flake graphite as raw materials, first after crushing production processing into a fine particle size of graphite powder, and then after purification process production and processing.

3, The quality of the battery immediately endangers the probation period of the product. It is important to use high-quality conductive graphite powder to improve the conductive performance of the product. The cathode material of lithium battery generally has lithium cobalt acid, lithium manganese acid, and other raw materials, and the key raw material of the negative electrode is high purity graphite powder for the battery.

4, The conductivity of high purity graphite powder is 100 times higher than that of general non-metallic materials, 2 times higher than that of alloy steel, and 4 times higher than that of stainless steel plate. It is a very wide range of conductive and antistatic raw materials used in industrial production and daily life.

Graphite Powder

Because of the excellent performance of graphite powder carburizing, it has become an indispensable auxiliary additive for the iron-making industry to produce high-quality steel. So what advantages can be played by adding graphite powder in steel smelting?

1, Graphite powder in the metallurgical industry forging industry is mainly used in many, can be used in the casting surface, easy to mold casting, improve the casting process performance; Part of the graphite powder with good heat resistance can be made into graphite crucible for smelting metal materials, graphite powder can also have a unique effect in the ironmaking industry.

2, Steel smelting, is to cast iron smelting steel, in order to reduce the application of cast iron raw materials and reduce the cost of steel smelting, you need to add in the steel processing process to graphite powder leading raw material to carburize.

3, Graphite powder recarburizer have high fixed carbon content, heat resistance, stable performance, easy absorption, and lubrication and according to certain proportion in the surface layer of molten iron, according to the mechanical equipment vortex mixing or human services, make it’s in the digestion and absorption of graphite powder recarburizer proper carbon, reduce sulfur in steel residue composition, such as improving the quality of steel, reduce the production cost of castings, boost the economy.

Graphite powder is an important industrial raw material in the industry, graphite powder in lubrication, sealing, electrical conductivity, high-temperature resistance, refractory materials, chemical production, and other industrial fields. Graphite powder is most widely used in the industry should be in the field of high-temperature resistance.

In the casting industry production, the casting is carried out under a high-temperature environment in the casting process, in order to make the casting under high temperature without deformation and fracture. It is necessary to add casting graphite powder, casting graphite powder can withstand high temperatures and make the casting surface smooth, not sticky sand, to ensure the quality of the casting.

The melting point of graphite powder is very high, and graphite powder can withstand a temperature of more than 3000 ℃, so graphite powder has good high-temperature resistance. The high-temperature resistance of graphite powder can be used for continuous casting graphite powder, graphite powder casting detergent, graphite powder crucible, graphite powder firebrick, lubricating oil, grease production.

Graphite powder crucible, graphite powder firebrick are added graphite powder, so that they have the properties of high-temperature resistance. The disadvantage of commonly used lubricating oil and grease is that it can not withstand high temperatures, and can not play the lubrication role at high temperatures. In the production process of lubricating oil and grease, graphite powder is added, which can not only increase the lubrication performance of lubricating oil and grease but also improve the high-temperature resistance of lubricating oil and grease. The different properties of graphite powder are not the same in industry, according to the different use of graphite powder, graphite powder specifications, quality, graphite powder price is not the same.