Versatile graphite powder and its excellent properties

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Graphite Powder


1≥60%, etc


25kg small bags into ton bags or ton bags


High temperature resistance, conductivity and thermal conductivity, etc.


As refractory material, conductive material and wear-resistant lubricating material, etc.

Graphite powder is a widely used industrial material, which is obtained from high-purity graphite after crushing, grinding, and screening. The classification of graphite powder is mainly based on the particle size, ranging from 50 mesh to 30000 mesh. The larger the mesh, the finer the particle size, and the higher the price.

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There are many kinds of graphite powder. Good graphite powder should be paid attention to from the beginning of beneficiation. and determination after researching and testing the crystallization state of graphite ore, crystal size, conductivity, etc., to select good raw materials; with good graphite powder raw materials, we use professional fine crushing technology and mechanically to grind graphite powder Grinding into different particle sizes, resulting in meshes ranging from 50 mesh to 10,000 mesh, and even coarser and finer meshes. For these different meshes, we have developed high-purity graphite powder, nanometer Graphite powder, etc., each graphite powder has its own characteristics and exclusive uses.

Graphite powder is generally used for lubrication in the machinery industry, negative electrode materials in the battery industry, heat sinks for electronic products, additives in the rubber and plastic industry, seals in the automotive industry, refractory materials in the metallurgical industry, pencil cores in the light industry, etc. In our life, graphite powder also plays an important role, such as lock core graphite powder, when our locks are rusted and aged, we can use it to lubricate, super compatible with lubricating oil, combining graphite powder with lubricating oil will give us Automobiles bring energy saving and emission reduction. In smog days, we can use expanded graphite powder to control air pollution, etc., and many more.

Graphite Powder

Anti-corrosion performance of graphite powder

1. Graphite powder has super high anti-corrosion properties. After the boiler has been working for a long time, scaling will occur at the bottom of the boiler. To prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to use graphite powder. Add graphite powder to the water in a certain proportion, and add 4 per ton of water. ~5 grams of graphite powder can prevent boiler scaling.

2. Graphite powder is an important non-metallic raw material. Graphite powder is a very important material in the battery manufacturing industry, lubricating oil, grease, and chemical fertilizer industrial production. Our Franli’s nano-graphite, high-purity graphite powder, ultra-fine graphite powder, and colloidal graphite are the best in graphite powder, and the quality of graphite powder has been unanimously recognized by enterprise users.

Graphite Powder

Price trend of graphite powder

1. The price trend of graphite powder is a concern of many people recently, because as far as the current situation is concerned, graphite powder has played a very active role in industry, manufacturing and even agriculture.

2. Graphite powder is an emerging non-metallic material with a wide range of uses, from small chips to huge rockets. The difference in the price of graphite powder is related to the carbon content, purity, and mesh number of graphite powder. Generally speaking, the price of graphite powder with high purity and fine mesh is relatively high, and its use will become more and more advanced.

3. The price trend of graphite powder is affected by the region, and the price of superfine graphite powder in different places is different. In my country, the mineral reserves of crystalline graphite ore are concentrated in Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Shandong, Henan, and Inner Mongolia, accounting for the total crystalline graphite ore reserves  89% of mineral reserves. Therefore, there are many graphite manufacturers in this generation. Our graphite factory is located in “Pingdu”, the hometown of graphite, where graphite resources are abundant, and its product quality is stable and cost-effective. The main products are: ultra-fine graphite powder, nano-graphite, colloidal graphite, etc., and the products sell well in more than 300 domestic manufacturers. Its main products are also exported to Singapore, the United States and other regions, and a good cooperative relationship has been established.

Franli is located in Pingdu City, Shandong Province. It has a graphite mine with an annual output of 100000 tons of graphite powder. The price is stable and the quality is good. It has been widely praised by customers. If you are interested, please contact us.