Analysis and forecast of petroleum coke aftermarket

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Petroleum Coke


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Depending on its quality, petroleum coke can be used in industries such as graphite, smelting and chemical industry, etc

Petroleum coke, as a byproduct of petroleum, is produced in the process of petroleum processing, that is, the crude oil is distilled to separate light and heavy oil, and the heavy oil is converted into petroleum coke by hot cracking. If petroleum coke can be obtained directly from petroleum processing, then the petroleum coke is raw coke or ordinary coke. Petroleum coke has irregular shape, dark gray or black, porous structure and metallic luster.

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The petroleum coke market is getting better, however, more and more coking units were shut down for maintenance, and the output of petroleum coke decreased gradually. At present, the price of petroleum coke in China is rising steadily, and the price is going up all the way.

Petroleum Coke

1. Recently, Shandong Aluminum Plant has issued a vanadium limit news, which has made a certain impact on the production of high vanadium petroleum coke. At present, the petroleum coke with vanadium content lower than 500 is in good shipment, and downstream enterprises are receiving actively and coke price is rising constantly; On the contrary, the shipment of petroleum coke with vanadium content is higher than 500 is limited and the price is relatively stable.

2. Recently, due to the shortage of petroleum coke resources in the market, the inventory of refineries is low. As of October 23, the daily output of petroleum coke in China is 72790 tons, and the national coking operation rate is 58.11%. Compared with the same period of previous years, the operating coke of refineries is still low.

3. With the rising price of petroleum coke, the price of calcined coke is gradually rising. At present, the price of electrolytic aluminum is high, the mainstream price of downstream prebaked anode industry is stable, the market transaction is good, the price index of the prebaked anode is rising, and the price will continue to develop well in the short term.

4. In the near future, the arrival of goods at the port is less, the shipment is OK, and the inventory is constantly declining. In addition, most of the sponge coke that will arrive in Hong Kong in the near future has been sold in advance, and the spot price is generally stable. At present, affected by the limited vanadium content issued by Shandong Aluminum Plant, the carbon plant increases the procurement of low vanadium petroleum coke, and the shipment of high vanadium petroleum coke is temporarily limited.

Petroleum Coke

Future forecast: at present, petroleum coke resources in the market are still in short supply. Up to now, there are 12 regular maintenance times for coking units. In the later stage, it is expected that some coking units in refineries still have maintenance plans. It is estimated that the output of petroleum coke in the fourth quarter will increase by 115100 tons compared with the third quarter, up 1.69% year on year. According to Baichuan’s understanding, in the middle and late November, the overhaul of the coking unit of the refinery was gradually completed, and the output drop was gradually increased. Baichuan expects that the price of Petroleum Coke will keep a steady rising trend in the short term. By November, with the recovery of petroleum coke production, the easing of supply-demand relationship, the gradual reduction of downstream purchasing pressure, the overall stable price of petroleum coke trading, and the price of some types of petroleum coke is expected to the callback. In December, the overhaul of coking units in most refineries will be completed, the output of Petroleum Coke will increase, and the price of petroleum coke may show a downward trend.