Natural and synthetic high purity graphite

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Purity Graphite


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25 kg small bags into ton bags or ton bags


good temperature resistance, self lubrication, conductivity, etc.


Can be used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, military industry, etc.

High purity graphite is also called molded graphite, which means that the carbon content of graphite is more than 99.99%, which has good electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, low resistance coefficient, corrosion resistance, high purity, self lubrication, thermal shock resistance, isotropy, easy to be machined and so on.

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Graphite content in 99.9% or more of the graphite is called high-purity graphite. It is an ideal inorganic nonmetal crucible vessel, heater for single crystal furnace, graphite for EDM, sintering mold, an anode for electron tube, metal coating and plating, graphite crucible for semiconductor technology, emission electron tube, thyratron and mercury arc rectifier.

Pure Graphite

High purity graphite – high purity graphite characteristics

High purity graphite has the advantages of low resistivity, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, good thermal shock resistance, small conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient, self-lubrication, easy precision machining, etc.

High purity graphite – graphite related composition

Graphite and diamond, carbon 60, carbon nanotubes are elemental carbon, they are allotropes of each other. Graphite soft, black gray; Greasy, can pollute the paper. The hardness is 1~2, along the vertical direction with the increase of impurities, the hardness can be increased to 3~ 5. The specific gravity is 1. 9~2. 3. The specific surface area range is concentrated in 1-20m2/g (F- -Sorb2400 specific surface area meter BET method

In isolation from oxygen, its melting point is above 3000C, It is one of the most temperature-resistant minerals.

Pure graphite in nature is not, which often contains SiO2, A1203, Fe0, CaO, P2O5, Cu0, and other impurities. These impurities often appear in the form of quartz, pyrite, carbonate, and other minerals. In addition, there are water, asphalt, CO2, H2, CH4, N2, and other gases. Therefore, the analysis of graphite, in addition to the determination of fixed carbon content, but also the determination of volatile and ash content.

Pure Graphite

High purity graphite has many high-quality characteristics, so it is used in the metallurgical industry, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, chemical plants, textiles, national defense, and other industrial sectors. The main uses of pure natural high purity graphite and synthetic high purity graphite coincide with each other, and there are certain differences.

In the iron and steel industry, pure natural flake graphite can be used to produce magnesium carbon bricks and aluminum carbon bricks, and other refractory insulation materials because of its oxidation resistance. Synthetic high purity graphite can be used as a ferroelectric grade, and the electricity grade made of pure natural high purity graphite can not be used to apply the more stringent standard of ironmaking furnace.

In machinery, graphite materials are generally used for abrasion resistance and wetting raw materials. Pure natural flake graphite has good wettability and is commonly used as an antiseptic for grease. Piston rings, sealing rings and rolling bearings made of synthetic high purity graphite are widely used in the transportation of eroded substances. Grease is not added when working. Pure natural high purity graphite and polymer materials epoxy resin polymer materials can also be used in the industry, but the wear resistance is not as good as synthetic high purity graphite.

Synthetic high purity graphite with corrosion resistance, good heat transfer, low occupancy characteristics, in the chemical industry is widely used to make heat exchangers, reflecting tanks, desulfurization towers, filtration devices, and other machinery and equipment. Pure natural high purity graphite and polymer materials epoxy resin polymer materials can also be used in the industry, but the heat transfer, corrosion resistance than synthetic high purity graphite.