Differences between flake graphite and artificial graphite

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Flake Graphite





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thermal shock resistance, lubricity, conductivity and plasticity…


Lead battery plates positive and negative conductive agent, lithium batteries nickel hydrogen etc

Natural flake graphite has superior physical and chemical properties and is widely used in metallurgy, coatings and refractory industries. It is an important non-metallic raw material that is indispensable for today’s high-tech. Flake graphite is divided into large flake graphite and fine flake graphite according to the size of its scales. Usually, large flakes refer to +32 mesh, +50 mesh, +80 mesh, and +100 mesh flake graphite.

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    Natural flake graphite is a kind of scaly graphite powder with metallic luster, black and bright color and uniform particles. It has excellent performance and is a basic raw material in industry. The unique corrosion resistance of natural flake graphite is a very important factor in anti-corrosion materials.

    It has many excellent properties, so it is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electrical, chemical, textile and other industrial sectors. The application fields of natural graphite and artificial graphite have both overlapping parts and differences.

    Flake Graphite
    Flake Graphite

    Features of natural flake graphite

    1. Natural flake graphite powder has good lubricity and certain plasticity. The crystal development of natural flake graphite powder is relatively complete, the friction coefficient is small, the lubricity is the best, and the plasticity is high, while dense crystalline graphite and aphanitic graphite are secondary In short, artificial graphite is poor.

    2. The increase of natural flake graphite powder in rubber and plastic products mainly uses its conductive effect. Because rubber and plastic products themselves are insulating, and some characteristics of rubber and plastic products have to be used in some electronic and industrial products, this is Promote people to find an additive to add to rubber and plastic products to make it conductive. Natural flake graphite powder has become an ideal additive due to its good electrical conductivity, and it has been widely used now.

    Among the many properties of natural flake graphite powder, the characteristics of conductivity and smoothness are used more. In rubber and plastic products, such as tires and conductive glue sticks, natural flake graphite powder for rubber and plastic is used. The quality of the product is stable. It has played a great role in the current industrial production.

    Flake Graphite
    Flake Graphite

    Difference between natural flake graphite and artificial graphite

    1. Natural flake graphite powder and artificial graphite have both commonalities and differences in performance. For example, natural flake graphite and artificial graphite are good conductors of heat and electricity, but for graphite powder with the same purity and particle size, natural flake graphite The thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are better, followed by natural microcrystalline graphite, and artificial graphite is low.

    2. Natural flake graphite is a flake graphite powder product that has undergone deep processing such as ore mining, flotation, drying, subdivision, purification, and crushing. Artificial graphite powder is a product of petroleum coke that has been graphitized. Natural flake graphite is a flake in a microscopic state. shaped.

    3. Artificial graphite can be regarded as a multi-phase material, including graphite phase converted from carbonaceous particles such as petroleum coke or pitch coke, graphite phase converted from coal tar pitch binder coated around the particles, particle accumulation or coal tar pitch bonded The pores formed after the agent is heat-treated, etc. The lubricating performance of graphite powder depends on the size of graphite grains and the degree of crystal development. The larger the graphite grains, the more perfect the crystal development, the smaller the coefficient of friction, and the better the lubricating performance.

    4. Graphite has a certain degree of toughness and can be easily machined. Graphite with a high degree of crystal development can even be rolled into very thin sheets.

    5. Artificial graphite can be in powder form, fibrous form or block form, while artificial graphite is usually in block form and needs to be processed into a certain shape when used.

    6. Graphite powder is transformed from carbon-rich organic matter under the long-term action of high temperature and high pressure geological environment. The technological characteristics of natural graphite powder are mainly determined by its crystal form. Graphite minerals with different crystal forms have different industrial values ​​and uses.

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