Classification and application of graphite

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Graphite Powder


1≥60%, etc


25kg small bags into ton bags or ton bags


High temperature resistance, conductivity and thermal conductivity, etc.


As refractory material, conductive material and wear-resistant lubricating material, etc.

Graphite powder is a widely used industrial material, which is obtained from high-purity graphite after crushing, grinding, and screening. The classification of graphite powder is mainly based on the particle size, ranging from 50 mesh to 30000 mesh. The larger the mesh, the finer the particle size, and the higher the price.

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    Our graphite resources are abundant and widely distributed, but many of them are small and medium-sized mines. There are many private small graphite mines, and the added value of graphite mineral products is extremely low. After years of hard work in our country, the country has invested a lot of funds and scientific and technological personnel. After the reorganization of mining enterprises and the continuous improvement of graphite utilization levels, my country’s graphite resources have been used more effectively. Now my country has developed high-purity graphite, various high-performance graphite products such as isostatic graphite, expanded graphite, fluorinated graphite, colloidal graphite, and graphene.

    Graphite Powder
    Graphite Powder

    Classification of graphite powder

    (1) High-purity graphite: High-purity graphite (carbon content>99.99%) is used in military industrial pyrotechnic material stabilizers, metallurgical industry advanced refractory materials and Fertilizer industry catalysts, additives, etc.

    (2) Isostatic graphite: It is pressed from high-purity graphite, which has the characteristics of low thermal expansion coefficient, good heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and good thermal and electrical conductivity. Isostatic graphite is a new product developed in the past 50 years in the world. It not only has great achievements in civilian use, but also occupies an important position in the cutting-edge defense. It is a new type of material and attracts attention. It is mainly used in the following aspects.

    (3) Expandable graphite: Expandable graphite is made of high-quality natural flake graphite, which is an interlayer compound treated with acid oxidants (sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate), also known as acidified graphite. Expanded graphite has many advantages such as high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, good sealing performance and corrosion resistance of various media, and is currently a new type of advanced sealing material. It is mainly used in the following fields.

    (4) Graphite fluoride: Graphite fluoride is one of the research hotspots of high-tech, high-performance, and high-efficiency new carbon and graphite materials in the world today. It has excellent performance and unique quality, and is widely used in functional materials.

    (5) Colloidal graphite: It has: ① Lubricity. Applying colloidal graphite to some machinery with high friction intensity will form a lubricating film on the surface of the friction machinery, thereby reducing friction resistance and temperature generated by friction, avoiding mechanical burnout and jamming, and prolonging the working life; ②Heat insulation | Health. Because the colloidal graphite film surface has a heat insulation effect in the vertical direction, it is widely used in hot steam cylinders and turbine propellers; ③The film is uniform and has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. It is used in the electronics industry to prevent reflections and inhibit Secondary reflection of electrons to eliminate static electricity.

    (6) Graphene: It is a planar film composed of carbon atoms with sp2 hybrid orbitals to form a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. It is a two-dimensional material with a thickness of only one carbon atom. It is the nanomaterial with the highest hardness and toughness found so far. Due to the characteristics of its special atomic arrangement structure, it has been widely used.

    Graphite Powder
    Graphite Powder

    Application of graphite powder

    (1) Used as a release lubricant in the production of catalysts in the fertilizer industry.

    (2) High temperature resistant lubricant binder, corrosion-resistant lubricant binder.

    (3) Powder metallurgy release agent and metal alloy raw materials.

    (4) It is used to make carbon film resistance, conductive dry mold and prepare conductive liquid.

    (5) For casting, sanding, pressing and high-temperature metallurgical materials: due to the small thermal expansion coefficient of graphite powder, and can withstand changes in rapid cold and heat, it can be used as a casting mold for glassware, and the ferrous metal obtained accurate size after using graphite powder, high surface smooth yield, can be used without processing or slight processing, thus saving a lot of metal.

    (6) Make fillers or performance improvers for rubber plastics and various composite materials to improve the wear resistance, compression resistance or conductivity of materials.

    In the process of continuous development of Franli factory, with the needs of the economy, our graphite powder gradually develops to the industrial field, environmental protection field, electronics field, chemical field, etc., the graphite powder can be the most affordable price and the best quality, more convenient for the production of different products in various fields.